Beautifully exposed


I grew up thinking thoughts that I must be thee ugliest girl that had ever lived.

Sickness took my mother and left me in a house less than a home

Rooms full up with brothers, their broken emotions, and cruel insults

A father so distant and heartbroken that even when near not a kind word to speak

A broken home made a wonderful breeding ground for all of my insecurities to flourish

and that they did…they grew while I slept and stole my childish dreams

Fed off of my daily taunting from schoolmates

that thought as if somehow losing my mother to her death was my fault

and it would make a good joke of things

Lack of love and support left me fending for myself emotionally

The older I grew the more attention men paid me

I thought it was love, was I to know how it differed?

Life had its way with me for many years until the day it no longer did

Now I look in the mirror and see what I never could all those years ago

Beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder

How is it you see yourself?

Go take a look let me know if you can see your beauty

Because in my eyes you shine like the sun on a perfect summer day

You are Beautiful

You are love

You are life

Know your worth inside and out

You, after all, are the only person that can teach this lesson







19 thoughts on “Beautifully exposed

  1. nataliescarberry says:

    We all have scars I expect. Some worse than others. And no doubt adolescence takes its toll on just about everyone. As for me my broken parts became so broken in my late 30’s that I had to seek professional help, and it was absolutely the best thing that could have happened to and for me. My mentor was an amazing woman and we formed a special bond. I would not be here today or as whole if it were not for her and the Lord’s faithfulness is meeting my needs. But yes, I like me and feel good about myself and have now for sometime. I’m glad you have come through and come to terms with the gifted and lovely woman that you are. I pray that neither of us ever let anything or anyone take that away from us ever again. The other saving grace in my life is my child that I once thought I might never have. She has from the onset of her life had the most loving heart of any human I’ve ever known. But even that was not enough to keep her from facing trials of her own. Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤

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  2. theonlysup says:

    you are beautiful. not just by face. but by heart too.. yes there are difficult phases in life which might have knocked you down earlier .. but then you know your potential.. you have overcome those

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  3. Shiva Malekopmath says:

    One evening, a few days back, I had a stroll at your Blog. Had enjoyed the cool breeze of Love and the warmth of your Heart feelings. But its been ages, what I feel, that YOU have not come with your beautiful person that YOU are to Me. I never mind that Maureen.
    But I am deeply moved by the ugly exposure you had right from childhood till date. You have turned it to make it a “Beautifully exposed” one. My sincerest congratulations on that. In this bloody world there might have been millions who could have had such life experiences. It is You who have emerged so beautiful and to show that you are.👌👍👏
    I am feeling good to have come at this juncture. I shall go explore more exposures in your blogs now. 👀Hehehe.😂


  4. youronlinepal says:

    Goodness! You are so beautiful and I’m not saying this just to be sweet but you are actually so pretty. I love your eyes and your smile.❤ I’m so glad that you are able to see your beauty now. And let me tell you, your blogs always make me smile. You have a heart of gold and I’m so proud of you. All the best for your future battles in life 🙂 I’m sure you’ll shine in every one of them. All the love and happiness❤

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    • maureenrose7 says:

      Wow do you see how I can write here and state that you are beautiful and you shine? Because look at this response from you! So thoughtful and beautiful of you!! thank you so much this really touched my heart! ❤ !

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  5. Nilzeitung says:

    willkommen,,,,,,,,, I wish you peace both inside and out in the soul, and wherever you are. Especially health. You need it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and always remember our lives as a screenplay only the owner knew his content. All the others had to wait for what he wanted to say. Whether that’s real or short story, makes it thoughtful. I wish you all the best,.,. Good morning. Smile)

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