the 9th

floating on the waves of sound
delivered by way of light and love
truth and serenity
such an existence
was of foreign concept
and now I speak the language fluently
a slow motioned drifting as I, not unlike a free spirit
summersault through the air
my hair with the smell of the ocean
my heart with the feel of warm love
breathing deeper than I’ve ever known
a composition to travel us all to a place of peace
a home held out to us that consist of pure joy
it is here I wish to stay
I wish I may I wish I might
have this wish I wish tonight…

I am my own

Thank you dear life for bringing me this far

to a point where I have some understanding of what it is all about

a place where I see peace and love on a daily

and with arms wide open accept the things that can not be changed

to handle myself with a degree of dignity I was never so lucky to witness as a child

grateful, gratitude, attitude

the distance between a battered being unto this gifted woman

with no resistance to the future and no worry over my past

it is here and now that I step out into the day with a full heart

as my story continues and the pen now is in my hand

Drag me beneath

I ask him to bite my neck

he declines with an embarrassed tone

In a demanding want of a whisper

I say it again

he then grabs hold of my hand with gentle force

snarling, growling with warm breath like a hungry animal

that has been lying in wait and here his open invitation

he devours my neck and tells me in an eerie beautiful voice

he needs to be careful not to pierce my soft skin

only then to suck my blood until death do us part

I want him to….in that moment I simply want him too.

Good vibes

Vibrations from others the air you breathe

As it is yours that fill my lungs this very moment

Once set free aren’t they out there for the taking?

Each of us who has the sense

would be of good thinking to utilize

these waves of light, love, and energy to the fullest

We ride this ocean together

Our tides ebb and flow on opposite shores

Still, you and I only but a fingertip away

Where I rock you sway

You sing I whisper

Our connection simple

Even in difficult times

Good vibes our happy home


My love for you (audio post)


my love had grown from pure enchantment

and danced its way from the Ocean’s waves crashing against a rocky shore

to the shining beams sent straight to my heart by way of the Moonlight

Regrets not to find a solemn home here

to weigh themselves tethered to my very being

My gratitude is just as my love for you never ending

What I have recently learned about quartz!

Charging Crystals with the moonlight stores energy and raises my vibration! This is not only a matter of my beliefs it is fact! We are all energy! I have never felt more connected to my true love the moon more so than I do now wearing these charged crystals as jewelry. If you thought I radiated positive energy before oh my goodness you should see me now!! ❤ light and love my friends!


I once was lost

dreams of pink daylilies bathing in the day’s warmth

cracks in the sun send pieces plummeting towards earth

making me wince and run for cover

watching her this puzzle in the sky

floating sections as if they don’t know where they belong

I know the feeling

At times I too feel cracked

My pieces retreat from each other

magnetic lines of force that repel

A simple flip of circumstance and balance may be restored

What has been needed has now been done

and my healing continues

I am full again (audio post)

My night’s lullaby

A conversation that rambles

and runs circles around us both

Opens my mind while my heart tries to keep up

She is full once more

All it ever takes is the sound of his voice

his voice

his voice

my night’s lullaby in the singing sweet sound of his voice