heartfelt thanks

To the blank page, I thank you

for giving me space to gather

my insides here in one place

To the writer within, the writer without

I thank you for trusting your words

and some days letting them be still

Songsters and lovers that fill my life

to the very brim sure always to never spill

Thanks to you for keeping me afloat

when at best I may have only waded

in cool waters instead of diving in

head first to a warm solution to all of life’s quandaries

My thanks, true and heartfelt thanks

to this life I lead, this life I love, this life I live

Fine line

hurts so good

the needles dig their way down

just under my skin

right where the trouble brews

they scratch away over and over again

the blood comes in bits

my eyes heavy with a peaceful feel

the pain pleasurable

and i don’t care who knows it

blinding light

love binds

and constricts

without even trying

holds a wild heart captive

tames her in ways she was never meant

set me free this hold of promises in the dark

I soar across the wide open night

the heart of an angel with wings of fire


as I pass over your humble living

to be remembered

a million fireflies later

I will still be shining bright

Penetrating Vibrations


and the moon then lured

the sensual beauty in all of her naked glory

to ride him fast and furiously

inhibitions cast aside

her head thrown back

in the writhing heat of passion

lost to any and all consciousness

of the world that surrounds

her legs wrapped firm

her grip tight

just as tight as she felt inside

her rhythm keeping time

to his deep penetrating vibrations

passionate love is to be made

when the elements of who we are

and how we have come to be unite

think of me the next you spy the moon

try to tell me then that you can not feel me



In the wake of what might have become

a solemn account

I pulled from my heart of hearts

my never ending fountain of love

and overcast skies with slight drizzle of damp almosts

I have brushed aside and let the sun shine in

My purpose to each moment is to be aware

letting the day live itself around me

not I live around life

I am the master of my own destiny

and if you think for one second that you are not

life will read that from you like the open book we all are

I may not control the weather

or what may come

but I am in complete control

of my attitude

and my ways

I have the power

you have the power

to make the day good

Invest your positive energy

your return sure to be tenfold

Difficult choices

Whispers, faint but perfected

drift their way inside of my mind

Spin precious beautiful lies

Become heavy with hope

and foolish thoughts of the future

As if I don’t know any better

The sunshining sky cracks in two

and gray skies appear just to remind me

it’s my choice, it is all connected and it is all my own doing

Whether the sun shines today or not it is my choice

With that crack in the surface

A crushing, crackling boom

as layers of romantic nothings crumble

I’m standing bare

What happens next remains to be seen

I can promise you this

I will not leave my fate to chance

Bath of tears

Tears dry faster when you just let them fall

Acceptance of heartache isn’t always easy

Isn’t wanted, isn’t pleasant

but it’s always needed

As I watch my body sink beneath the steam

The water now holds me where you once could have

should have

did not

The heat rises and soon I can’t tell

where my tears end and my bathing begins

Just as I am about to invite self-pity to join me

there is a skip in the record and it snaps me out of it

I hear the words “I love you, Maureen”

It comes to me in the sound of my own voice

and all is right

even if just for but a moment

all is right…

Saffron dreams

the warm body of my lover in bed beside

while my dreams pick up hitchhikers in a foreign country

my heart spending time fluctuating in between passion and disbelief

but my dreams they know exactly who they are and where they are meant

I wake up with the scent of saffron on my mind

and can taste life as it rest on the tip of my tongue

Ride the wave

on the waves of happiness and love

let me ride gently once upon a time

the time of a man and a woman yet to meet

at love, in love, with love, all of the above

love is all we need

and a well-tuned guitar, his hand in mine

bare feet on the wet grass

skyline full of our brothers and sisters

he tells me to reach for the stars that they shine in my eyes

he is my muse the center of it all

where I come from and where I’m going

an Ocean is an ocean is an Ocean.

“Beautiful rose reach for the stars they shine in your eyes”