A mourning’s lullaby

Peaceful coos come from outside my window

in betwixt the noise from the street below

The angelic mourning dove has not a care

for the hurrying cars that pass by

To where they are going or where they have come

Nor do I

Her sweet lullaby leads me into a gentle rest

and lets me know the day can wait a few more minutes for me

Rocks my mind slowly and calms my fret of things to come

into a complete cloud of dust

to be blown away from me with each breath I take then exhale

Just breathe Maureen

Just breathe

By the grace of all that is good in this world

I have been granted another day

and with that thought a big sigh

I am comforted and in love

Would you care to float?

February chill

I find it brisk and stimulating

Has no luck weighing me down

As I hear myself sing
‘ocean of diamonds’

But not in the sound of my voice

This song comes from my heart
and is sung when my eyes shut
as I lose sight of reality
thinking about my reality

Ah yes, real life…

Listen closely dear child
to the songs you sing from the heart

To the music of your soul

The emotion envelops you

Tensions release and leave you to the light

You are an amazing transmitter

Giving off light and love, prosperity and hope

Shine bright little firefly, shine bright

Goodness flows

A collection of sound waves and colors caress my body

I close my eyes and can feel the soft flow

As if my breathing and life, the music and knowing

are entwined and my creator is here with us all

The lot of us become one


I am not but a drop in the ocean of goodness

I am the goodness, you are my ocean

and that moment of bliss carries me into this new finding

Love has kissed my wounds

and it is you that opened my heart

to let her in.

Cosmic seasoning

A shaker of salt

sprinkled about

by the stars above

We filled the oceans

and coated the planet

You landed there and I here

Still, we come from the same

Words connect us

in the lines of our poetry

As well our hearts beat in hope

of finding each piece

to our meaning

along with this open need to love

We are all but cosmic seasoning

The taste simply divine



True fine love

You are out there my beautiful one

moving those same mountains

I’m sure you thought would give you protection

and shelter from the masses one day at your door

As this insanely beautiful, airy song glides me into

my new day here without you

I wake to find love, true and fine to be my focus

not the storm I face, of that I have no worry

Truth and Love a marriage my true self has come to be

I am but a seed floating along on the breeze

Life will land me down to grow where she wants me

Where lonesomeness needs tending

and heavy hearts long to be freed


Steadfast moonbeams kiss the crashing waves

I think of you

Unfamiliar winds trace their way across my love

I think of you

A tune, a melody, a beat or rhythm

I think of you

Life is an echo

continually repeating back to me

everything about you

I breathe

I think of you


I loved us…

I loved us back when

you searched for your voice

while I pressed your cape

I loved us back when

you delicately polished my shine

and I played in your waters

I loved us back when

the words drew us in

and listening to each other kept us sane

I loved us back when

my days turned into your nights

and my nights into your days

I loved us…

I love us still now as my head rest under these stars

and you are someplace, well…someplace so far

I love us…

I will always love us…

Would you?

If I were yours to have and to hold

each day on into every night

would you hold my face in your hands

and see the most beautiful woman

you know?

Get lost in my eyes

when they are smiling emeralds

and deliver them hope

when pools of sadness well?

If one tear drop but to fall

your thumb will wipe it clear

before damage is done

Kiss my lips as soft as heaven

and lead me straight toward

all of the sweetest dreams I could desire

I wonder, would you?

Gypsy soul

Visions of dancing under the twilight’s gaze

I am as light as a feather

A gypsy in the wind

Release me and let me drift

Wander not lost

not alone

but in the company of myself

Like minds will give me shelter

Fulfill my needs

Cater to my every want

Until they find me gone

as day breaks along with their heart

Natural being

streams of sunshine

the morning calls my name

a few deep breaths

hope, love, happiness

forgiveness, forgetfulness

satisfaction, warmth

all signs of the time

nothing trite

or contrived

I feel as natural as the day

and as imaginative as the night

Beach day





photos~Maureen Rose


seaside shadows

summertime girl eagerly awaits

a taste of the warm rays

on this mid winters day

has my heart filled with spirit

the likes she has never known

hand held walks

and as the waves wash the shore

he has bathed my soul