Calamity Jane

Her scent drowns you

in a passionate calamity

You are sure

no good is to come

There is a fear of losing your mind

Still, furiously you need to have her

Your lips dive into kiss her bare shoulder

and onto her neck

You taste her

drink in all of her that you can

The small gasps it causes her

feeds your growing need

Now your vision blurred

as if trying to see the night

through a rain shower

It is beautiful and powerful

You want for it to never end

Your sight

Your breath

All that you are

at this very moment

it all belongs to her

and you wouldn’t have it any other way

I begin again

I’ll be out and about tonight with my dear friends the stars

The shadowy trees and creatures of the dark sure to join us

My love for the day put on hold until she if inclined

comes back around tomorrow to find me happy to see her

It is the night that ignites my passion

At times I can burn too bright for most

He, however, loves that about me

My days spent as a warrior for peace

and from that, I take very little time off

but tonight there is something in the air

It is calling me away from my usual and so I most go

A mistress to the night and he beckons

He is my master and I his goddess

and they lived happily ever after

Don’t be fooled

This is only the beginning…

Somedays you have candy canes for breakfast

 my love of the little things…

have you ever noticed things like

your eyelashes are so soft

Bat them more

you are beautiful

and we all can see that

you should too

Your lips with the perfect shade

of red lipstick

can draw attention

doing the simplest of things

The taste of peppermint

on your tongue

as you dream childhood fantasies

Christmas and carnivals

all the delights that follow

I’m floating through life today

on a cloud of gentle excitement

I have no explanation

and truly feel no need for one

My world is a spiral of brilliant colors

that never end and taste like a dream

The music and I make sweet love

My heart is an easy target

for the lyrics to get ahold of, it is true

I become fluid along with the song

The point of entry euphoric

Can reach inside of me and bring me to the brink

My eyes flutter as they shut softly

Pinpricks all over and underneath my skin

Breathing becomes slow and heavy

the deeper it goes the deeper I welcome it

I’m now on fire, the bed on fire, my world on fire.


A dreamer less her dreams…

Seems in busying myself I’ve been careless

I set my dreams down and now I am not sure of where I’ve left them

My heart starts to swell each time I try to think of where, when, how?

I’ve taken trips to India and kissed in the rain

Walked the wilderness and made love to the stars at the edge of the earth

Fallen in love and chased talking butterflies

Played with babies at the river’s edge

Swam an ocean full of buried treasure, just to name a few

Now I wake to mere shadows and only remember that I have slept

My heart sure to break if no remedy for me to find

What is a dreamer to do without her dreams I ask?



alone shining brightly

she has no care

no worry of who or what to be

a thought of needing another, not a one

radiating power and giving some of us

a good reason to smile, to stand, to walk with ease

her days never end and allow her to bubble and burst

as she needs and just as she wants

I’d like to be the Sun so beautiful and warm

worshiped, adored, and untouchable…

Just (audio post)


just behind green eyes

just over the moon

just wanting it all

just a girl

just in love with the world

just needing to breathe

just a breath away

just wanting to run

just choosing to stay

just ready not done

just here and not there

just true never blue

just me without you

and I fall

beat pulses

like a life force

takes you over

you agree with it

your body seeps

through the air in movements

your dance partner

the rhythm

innocent and seductive

waves of pleasure

cause you to become

one with the moment

you are the instrument

you rise and I fall