A beating drum

I keep listening but what am I really hearing?

A door being opened and a man running barefoot
through the grass, as soft as the sound…oh yes I can hear it…

The faster he moves the louder this pounding in my chest
As if a native drum beat is keeping time with his sprint

His feet have now left the ground for blue skies

As I sit still for a change

With thirsty lips, I will drink in the peace and quiet
of an extraordinary ordinary day

Taste every drop as if my last

All I can do is hope there will be more

Trust me

I can see it there
right there on your heart
The slightest bit of sorrow…
of loneliness…
A longing…
Maybe a bitter-sweet love affair that never
had that much to do with love
It casts it’s shadow that no amount
of food or drink, wine or women can remove
I, however, have just the thing for you
A raw powerful energy you will find
resting right at the tip of my little finger

Now imagine we, you and I together
place this abundant amount
of love and energy
on that lonesome shade
of unrest…
Can you feel me?
I’m right there holding your heart
Seems just what you need
Trust me… I won’t let go.

Daily dose!



Oh, merriment I can not get enough. Designing my own happiness is really paying off. You never really fully understand of all the goodness that can come from within until you release it! I have lit this day on fire and in spite of the dreary overcast I am off to burn bright!

My tiny Glinda good witch makes for the perfect tree topper for this tree dontjathink? All things good! Found the perfect home for the vintage pink ornaments! Yay! And new edition the glass rounds with a lotus flower I have cut from a world map how perfect! I am after all in love with the world!

Peace, love and togetherness my friends…while you are at it Love someone! Right out loud! You deserve it!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Does anyone else wake up singing?!

I love when my huge smile wakes me into the day! But today was a first for me, me and my huge smile we were singing before my eyes were open! And what a great song to have in my head for the day! So I’m callin’ it! Today’s favorite!! I’m tellin ya people eat clean!! Makes for much better sleep and wayyy sweeter dreams!!

They are yours now

Take my words for what they are worth

To each, their value will differ

Let them soak into your soul and spend time deep within…

Allow them to run in one ear and out the other

No worries…they did their job without you even realizing it

They hold warm embers to comfort your aches
and nutrition you may not even now you are lacking

Please on next I have good reason to relay a thought, feeling, down deep emotion of some sort take hold of those words I leave you with, read into them, use them to your advantage

They are yours now to do what you will.

It’s here, it’s here!


Aaahhhh the promise of a new day! What’s bettah?!! As winter slowly makes it’s way across my tiny bit of the world an excitement of things to come grows inside of me like never before! I have no rules, no limits, no restraints, life is mine! I have hope you all are able to fall truly in love with something or someone today! As for me welp we all know, I WILL! XOXO! Muah!!




Motivated by way of a thoughtful, friendly moment
I found myself in search today of a soft patch of green grass
To lie back and watch the clouds change from day into darkness
My only conversation was that of one to be had with the rustling leaves and the wind through the trees
I found exactly what I have been looking for
So you see my dear friends always speak up
You never know what fortunes to be found by way of your words.




Sky high

Let us feed off of one another as if a hungry babe in the wood

I will feast off of your love and affection and become inspired

Move mountains while growing a garden that offers us rows of bliss and fulfillment…

While you take your fill of me and build yourself stronger than ever imaged

Walk as tall as the tree tops, up as high, as high as the sky

Touch the clouds with me and keep me for as long as I can be kept

Everybody here is outta sight!

The most fortunate thing to come from being the ninth child, I as the youngest got the best hand me down records of all time!! I miss so much the crackle!! Do ya feel me?!

And of course CCR, what this man can do on a guitar truly! My heart could burst! ‘Tambourines and elephants are playing in the band.’ It’s just the kinda day it is my friends!!

My heart

Someone, somewhere in life taught me that emotions equaled weakness
That tears were a sign that you must be in need of reason to cry

Maybe you have heard this all before but I have no choice but to spill

There is a pin in my heart today and my poor, poor loving heart has made her request

“My love, my love, my one true love might you be so kind, remove this pin
and leave me whole? Let me enjoy this day to its fullest for both our sakes’

So I’m decided to start at the beginning as it is I’m not sure why this pin to be.

She is as confused as I, my poor, poor loving heart

What can be said?

What can be done?

My happy demeanor still intact, my pie in the sky thoughts and dreams still play on

Yet she has an ache I can not seem to coat with the sweetest of intentions

Imagine you hold in your hand exactly what she needs

Look down into your palm and tell me what do you see?

If you are million miles away or right next door will you help me pull this pin from my poor, poor loving heart?

She needs you.

The art of conversation

I would like to leave the door open for you

You are welcome to come in and stay a while if you wish

Share with me some kind words, a laugh, a hug, some mutual respect…

We can enjoy what each of us has to offer

Tell our stories and grow love

I will always start the ball rolling…it’s part of my charm

If you care to play throw it back…I’m a great catch!

From me to you!

Read it, read it all as if it were written for you

Sing each song as if being sung to you, for you, about you

Feel as much of life and living as your life will allow…

Then live some more and feel again…..again…..I say again!

Fall in love with voices and lyrics and your own heartbeat

What is there to wait for?

This is our time, our time is now!

Daytime, Nighttime whichever suits you best

Adore this very moment…the bad dreams of last
you slept are gone and forgotten

Your soulmate, the Day is here

Indeed a reason to celebrate!!