Hopeful Romantics

Where will we go?

Some place away from everything.

I would love that… 

Me too

You mean where I could love you right out loud?

Yes baby

I can’t find my breath

and now all I want to do is 

daydream of ways I will love you

Sweet dreams then baby

Think of ways you will Love us

I should just give you all 

of my breath right now

It’s not mine anymore 

it belongs to you 

Keep it safe for me baby

until I get to you

I feel like I’m living in a dream

You are…









A Tale of Truths

Love is our child

We adore and cherish every moment

Nurture and guide with kindness

Surround and protect with affection

Build strong and courageous

with stories spun from nothing

but the truth of us both

A happy family we three make

You and I and Love.




The show is over

A spec of unrest

somewhere in the season

betwixt my love growing cold for him

and it’s utterly welcomed demise

It’s not a picnic of a walk

down this lane of memories

All of my efforts

wasted to death when the reality of it is

the exhaustion and calamity of it all

worthless…all for no good reason

None can be found

I was never growing off of love

I was only perpetuating his mental illness

Like the hands on a clock that only spin circles

or a dog chasing his own tail

Jumping off mid ride

Taking a heaping helping of my own self-worth

Best medicine ever

The carnival has left town

and the show is at long last over





Our tribe…..

Here is another blog I truly enjoy! Sometimes a post catches my eye and then hits me straight in the heart! I love this quote along with the night drive image…cant explain why really it just captured me and would not let me go! Im glad to have you here Harsh! Watching your writing and creative process flow these last couple of months inspires me, truly! XO!

Caring for Art

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There she sits up high on a shelf

My little glass unicorn

Out of reach…

Where she is sure to remain unbroken

In walks a man with the heart of an angel

and the grace of heaven and earth combined

Without hesitation, he reaches for her

Picks up this exquisite delicate piece

Only to hold her with the utmost care

His respect and nurture

to grow right there before my very eyes

She is brought back to life in his hands

Reflecting his light back at him

they are never to part

His strength and her candor

sure to raise the human race

up upon their shoulders

to carry with the greatest of ease



The day holds such promise!

Screeching crow outside my October window

Lets us all know the season is upon us

His cries break through the early morning frost…

Making me grind my eyes with small fists

As I smile and think

He may have startled me into the day

but it is just in time for me to pick up

with my happiness

of which I left off with last night

Thank you, rambunctious bird

for the jumpstart to this day

and for giving me hope

of a lovely afternoon nap!



Oh, beautiful exhaustion I’m all yours!

A beautiful exhaustion fills her mind

With each deep breath, she exhales

her world of reality fades as sparkling dreams

of wanderlust and fairy dust come to collect her

Good night to the moon and the stars up above

Good day to the love that resides a million miles away

To all of you beautiful people I’ve yet to meet

May your hearts and minds be at peace

My wish that Joy is to fill your every ache

I love you

I love you

I love you

Good night.

I love you

I love you

I love you

Sleep tight.





Our fantastic Universe

I could touch my fingertip to yours

and the energy I could feed you

would be enough to last you days on end…

I have a power in me this very minute

that surpasses all known to mankind

Reading a few very well placed lines

from one that has such things mastered

and here I sit spinning

in some fantastic alternate universe

Where he and I breathe for each other

and Love never runs down











Dangerous Beauty

In the soft, supple petals of rose

one can get lost in love

Velvet to the touch…

A fragrance that can intoxicate

almost good enough to eat

You hurry to cut her

from her happy home

Her thorns sure to pierce

Releasing her poison deep into your veins

Now she has wounded you

and you have become addicted

to her beautiful venom

Any cure you ask?

Only more of the same

She is your only cure

She is your sickness and health

In the soft, supple petals of a rose…










Good Victorious over Evil

She heard the postman drop the lid to the mailbox out front and without hesitation she dashed to the door.

Mail by post always a favorite…

The possibilities that could arrive at any date sent a shiver of girlish excitement through her whole body.

Some unwanted advertisements, a bit of this and that, then as she reached the bottom of her small pile there it was.

Addressed to her and her alone, a crisp white envelope. The handwriting was not familiar to her.

It’s styling that of an artist, a real talent to have such control over mere lettering.

Oh, the mystery….the intrigue…it was nothing of what she had expected that day.

With no understanding of what she was about to unleash upon herself, she flipped the piece of mail around and with gentle determination rips it open.

Slipping out between her fingertips an invitation, enclosed a personal correspondence  reading in the same handwritten style

Dear Miss, 

We are not known to one another in this life but I have loved you from a distance not so far from here. Please take note of this invitation and know that if you are so inclined to reject my hospitality I will continue to send until you agree to spend time alone with me. 

With highest regards, 

A man you would never dream of becoming involved with but I’m not about to make things easy on you after all it is you that I want and you I shall have. 

(sounds like a real fuckface doesn’t he?!)

Her shivers of excitement have now taken turn for the worse.

Giving herself a moment to reread this flimsy piece of paper she realizes she has yet to open the invite.

It’s a solid black card and on the inside steel gray print

‘You have cordially been invited to Hell

Please dress accordingly as it is your life as you know it will never be the same’

Calmly she walks across the room to the sink

Strikes a match and lets this ultimate piece of junk mail burn

Each one to follow she treated the same and never once faltering

To this very day, she waits patiently for her Prince

He is the good that will win over any evil no matter their persistence

She is in Love and his name is Happiness

This is not the end..only that of their beginning


















Keeping love alive

I will stitch these lines together tonight

With much care and consideration

My heart is full and my love light shines…

I’m not one to boast or brag

Here lies a simple acknowledgment

of how blessed I am to be

My heart is not exempt from breaking

As a fact of this matter the more full she grows

the more likely her breaking will take me down with her

I know this to be a fact yet I let her grow more love

I welcome her to do so

I encourage her to do so

For what is a heart’s purpose if not to grow

as much love as she possibly can?

If she to break into a million sharp pieces

I will cut myself to pick her up, only to begin again

Yes! It is Love! What better thing to give another chance to?