The Prince, he’s mine

Do you glide through your chores and sing for the sake?

Walk on air your heart so light and bursting with love?

Maybe take on each task as if was a gift handed from up above?

Think thoughts so carefree and effortlessly?

Carry a heavy load by way of a cheery smile and glad disposition?

Or might you be the ugly step sister?

Bitter at heart and rotten to the core

Hiding behind riches taken from those who have earned

All the finer things can not disguise

I am true and you are desperate

Fuck off Drusilla

The Prince

he is mine





A designer life

What a rush to wake up to a fast pounding heartbeat

Just in hopes of the day this could be

My thoughts today have no time to linger

As it is I’ve places to be and dreams to ignite

Spend your time wisely

no matter how slowly you move

Just keep moving towards the you

you were meant to be

Always remember and never forget

You design the life you live.

Sakura in the Mist

How gorgeous is this photo?!! It is hauntingly beautiful! I just love it! Another great blog to follow! Some fantastic photos check it out! I had no idea when I started following you Michael the beauty I was in for! I just thought the dude walking the scrub brush was a freaking riot! hahahahaa!

Source: Sakura in the Mist

Take me, please

ah sleep you fickle little bastard

you tease me close to having you

and then pull out at the last minute

The day that awaits needs the rest that only tonight can give

I’ll walk away

Close this page

Put my thoughts on hold

If only I could

Take me please heavy eyes

Spin me a dream that keeps me calm

and repeats until dawn








Too hot to handle

Try as you might your power is null

I am the sun, the moon, and the stars

He is the heat, the depth, and the passion

We are a combination that would burn you to touch

Our hearts reach across nations

and skim through the air at the speed of love

I light the sky and he fans the flame

We’ll not easily be extinguished







Light the way

Your soul weeps these words

as they are tears of beauty and passion

Of life and love

Your lines give us all

the feeling that anything is possible

That even in the darkness a single flame

is able to light your way

I am inspired, reborn and restored

My faith in you is eternal

My gratitude immeasurable


In the moment

Our hands are at our sides

palms flat against each other’s

Bodies so close and warm

My head upon your chest

as we stand motionless

The world has stopped

gone away


To where we don’t have a care

This is our first and last night together

A love affair in the moment

You will go your way and I mine

As sure as there are stars above

you will take a piece of my heart with you when you go





When life gave me Paper…

divyaWhat beautiful artwork this is! Paper craft done with some kind of magic for sure!! Somedays it really pays off to stop for a minute and look around! Im so glad to be following this womans blog it just makes me feel good each time I visit!! ❤ Glad to have you here Divya! ❤

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In the monsoon laden June of 2010, the husband is asked to take on a short term project in Mumbai and we decide that I would be tagging along. We are happily sent off by the family with exploding packets of VaggaraNe Avalakki (flattened rice) & Besan Ladoos (sweets made with gramflour and tons of ghee) stacked in an otherwise empty suitcase. After being bombarded with a list of “Don’t do this” & “Don’t do that” by paranoid relatives,  we taxi up to the airport with the silent thrill of uncertainty hovering in our minds.What transpired over the next three months is a journey even my day dreams failed to conjure up.
We drench in the sultry monsoon rains of Mumbai, savour piping hot Vada Pavs with a side of fried green chillies everyday at 8:30am and cross paths with the warmest of people ( some of whom I continue…

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Hungry Love

I’m in the kitchen of our home. The sun is shining brightly through the large open window  just above the sink.

I stand barefoot in a white linen sundress at the stove stirring a pot of sauce. The aroma is sinful.

Music plays softly enough to where I can still hear the birds chirping outside in the garden.  My heart as full as the days are easy and our nights are passionate.

I hear your car pull in the drive and my heart begins to race. Your key in the door and I can not help but hold my hand to my stomach to try and quiet the butterflies.

Your movement inside the house sends a chill down my spine, I hear you making your way to me.

The words you say over and over play once more in my mind, ‘You are where I want to be Maureen.’ Almost brings me to tears to think.

And it hits me. That warm rush that turns hot as quick as your arms wrap around me from behind and your hands pull me into you as tight as you can.

Your kisses land on my neck and shoulder, each to make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

The time we had spent apart is a thing of the past. Our love need not ever go hungry again.





Love is the question

But is it Love?

Is it love when were are not together?

Love when we can not touch?

Love that wakes me into each day

and settles me down every night?

When your days are my nights

and your nights my days, is it love?

Love in your voice I hear when we speak?

If so and love can truly conquer all

Then Love shall be our hero

Our gallant knight

Our saving grace

With the strength of our hearts combine

Love shall pull our worlds together


and they lived happily ever after





LOVE song

She says, ‘You make my heart sing’

‘And what does it sing?’ he asks

Without hesitation, she replies

as there is a heartfelt burst of emotion

behind each of her next words

‘It is like songbirds and angels

at the same time.

Like heaven and Earth

Like happiness and a dream

A true love song.’



Rest easy

It’s like the beginning of one of those movies where you start out knowing you are about to fall in love

The screen is dark with highlights on the horizon and you hear a horse’s gallop before you can see our leading man riding wild toward the camera

Only his silhouette, but you can tell, oh yes you can most certainly tell he is powerful and will take command of this film

As he approaches the sun continues to rise, you set sight on his features and your heart skips a beat, you swallow hard

He brings the stallion to a halt and takes leave of his saddle

His feet hit the ground with such force the dust takes a moment to settle

(Let the dust settle Maureen let it settle)

Your head spinning and heart racing as he takes a quick step and rips right out of the screen. He is now standing before you in a crowded theater which takes your breath away

Before you can speak his hands are in your hair, his lips against yours with such sweet warmth you think you have died and gone to heaven

Need I say more?

You are in love dear girl. Rest easy, so is he.