True colors

If you could see your heart as a drawing or a painting what do you think it would look like?

I feel like my heart has an aura that is unlike any colors known to man. Bright and soft at the same. My emotional scars have healed beautifully and shimmer like the stars above.

Any darkness that remains serves a good purpose. It keeps me grateful. I don’t need to try to forget unfortunate happenings. They are safe and stored  where they belong. Tucked away nicely in a never-ending sleep. Behind closed doors. They no longer need to see the light of day.

My heart is touchable, lovable, carefree and generous. She gives me everything I need and everything that I want. She would be a painting the size of the sky. Her giving knows no bounds.



I have a plan!

I’m high

My head is floating and heart is singing

The anticipation, the build and preparation

Has me breathing deep and letting go

aaaaahhhhhh sighing big sighs

I have a plan

I’m constructing a dream to top all dreams

I welcome the change of the season

Take a deep breath..go ahead do it

Smell that? She is on her way!

Oh September how I love you






Carved candles

Looking back at all the good in my life and remembering things I love when I found this video. I loved going to the mall as a teen and watching the candles be carved right there on the spot. This artist truly amazes me!

Looking back

I used to be a writer

I gave it up for my sanity’s sake

Still, my heart pounds hard at the thought of returning

Thankfully the calamity that was my life is no more

Insuring that any attempts would fall short, they’d have to right?

It’s a bitter-sweet remembering

The hours into each and every night I would be so blessed that my thoughts believe they to be so important they would need to take hold of my pen and page.

I’ve cleansed myself and now that I’m clean I sometimes miss being dirty

The true gritty passionate explosions that would rip their way out of me

like I said I used to be a writer.

Great expectations​

If I able to reach my hand across this space and place firmly on your heart

do you think it would help matters?

To send a rush of affection quickly to race over your body and heat your cheeks

A rush of affection you never even knew you were missing

If you were able to reach across this space and place your hand firmly on my heart

what would you expect?


Create 365! And I mean it!







Hello Everyone!  Who is ready for storytime with Maureen Rose?! Today I’d like to share with you something I’ve been working on for myself for the last week. After a long and arduous time of it at Bed Bath and Beyond last week attempting to find a comforter for under $150.00 made with %100 cotton fabric I concluded the day at Joann fabrics.

I have been looking for quite some time for the perfect comforter which when you have fibromyalgia and sensory issues is not an easy task. It has to be lightweight because as it is my body lives in a state of feeling like it has nerve damage pretty much without any actual damage. I  know it sounds crazy but believe me when I tell you it is very real and very challenging. I am not one to complain I am a woman of action! hahaha! 🙂

Have any of you shopped for a comforter that might cost anywhere from $39.00 to $150.00? Well let me just say its a pain in the butt! They are all zipped and locked shut. After taking the first 3 up to the service desk to be unlocked so I could feel the fabric and try to guestimate the weight it might make me feel on my legs I was like come on now really why lock them in the bag?? I need to open them and lie them out. Especially when you are going to pay $100. or more I want to touch it!

Then I remembered working in retail as a kid and learning that shoplifters will slide all kinds of things into the middle of a thick blanket, zip it back up and buy the comforter with no one knowing they’ve just stolen $100.00 worth of beauty supplies to boot!

I was determined this day to find the perfect one! I was not coming home without a new blanket for me and bear. Something super pretty and super comfy! There is no more settling for this redhead! (well redhead this week but whatever) 😀

When I tell you I went through 20 different comforters trust me I went through 20 different comforters! I was glad I didn’t forget to put on deodorant because it was quite the workout for goodness sake! Luckily I found a bunch with broken zippers or no locks and that made the task a bit easier.

Finally I found one that felt lovely and it was a bit more than I wanted to spend but I was ready to. Then I looked at it again and again opened it up onto one of their beds and thought ‘holy crap this thing is ugly!’ Figures! hahaa! It was gray and looked almost dirty. Folded it up and set it back thinking to myself ya know what screw this! I’ve made nice special comforters for others as gifts what the actually hell is stopping me from making myself one?!!

Is there a point to this story you ask? Why yes dear readers there certainly is! If you are still here with me on this boring but necessary and drawn out journey this is the part where you get to learn something about me ❤ ❤ ❤

Each and every day I am allowing myself to love me as much as I have always loved and taken care of everyone else and it feels fantastic!!!  I am keeping my promise to create everyday. And all the while I get to enjoy this beautiful 100% cotton fabric super pretty  Liddle Bear tested and approved brand new comforter that only cost me 60 bucks to make! A true labor of love!

Thanks for reading and for all of your lovely comments and gracious support. I love it! Every liddle bit of it! ❤ ❤ ❤

Yes Im one to leave out punctuation. If its a run on sentence it is because that is how I would say it if we were speaking to one another. I write like I talk you’ll get use to it hahaa!







How’s this for being creative?!

Last year I was on a kick to buy porcelain dolls from thrift stores and give them makeovers. This is my first attempt and truly I wish I had taken before photos but I have a real problem when it comes to that! I get so excited when the inspiration hits and before ya know it I’ve taken a pretty dull looking Christmas doll with blonde hair and an awful plaid dress and turn her into my mini me! hahaha! Its amazing what a purple fabric dye pen (for her hair) and spray paint (for the dress) can do! I love her! IMG_2371IMG_2377IMG_2378IMG_2379IMG_2382

Floral Friday!

What an awesome way to start the day! I woke up! And you all know how much I love it when that happens! The sky is bright and my hopes for the day are as usual high! I wish you all a good day and a positive attitude!


My legs in the moonlight



I sat watching the night sky in all of its glory

Surrounded by a peaceful calm knowing

The air is warm

I drink in the summer

As it is I’m not sure how long she will stay

The midnight clouds pass slowly on their way

To where they are going is unknown

Just the same they’ve someplace else to be

A quick glance down at my legs and think to myself look at them

They have carried me many places for all of these years

What troubles they have helped me outrun

The long walks to soothe my soul when I needed it most

Now it is my turn to be kind to them and I am thankful for this chance

My legs in the moonlight

Do you look past the things that are right in front of you?

By the grace of all that is good I’ve the gift of gratitude

My eyes are wide and my heart is full.









I’ve been known

The clock on the wall holds no interest to me

Finding my way past the hurrying we bring on ourselves wasn’t easy

All things will come in their own good time today

My focus is on breathing and loving and loving and breathing

Do I have plans for the day?

Why yes I plan on letting it happen

Most of my life spent with the purpose

that when my feet hit the ground I was off and running

Sometimes a day just needs to surround us and let us be one with it

It most certainly is not a lazy attitude

It most definitely is relaxing

A vacation from the hurry

Yes, I’m on vacation

‘Hey it’s Maureen, leave a message and I’ll get back to you’






I’m here to help!

I would like to lend a hand to those that need. Today’s helpful deed is for those of you that do not have a website attached to your gravatar profile. I have been known to email a person if upon reading their profile I found something of interest to them just to find out if they themselves have a blog I could follow.

So here it is add any website to your gravatar and get found! This link will take you straight to the page that explains just how very simple it is to add your blogs, pinterest board, Etsy shop and or any other of your websites. You must be logged into your gravatar before making any changes.  Make it easier for people like me to find you! If you need any help I will do my very best just let me know. If I can not answer a question for you I will find someone that can. I’m good like that!

We all have something to share with one another and I’m a firm believer in reaching out to touch the lives of as many people as you can!




Speaking my truth!

There is really something to this. Seeing one of my own photos while reading my beliefs and or deepest thoughts, it is giving me such a feeling of being connected even more to them some how! I want to teach myself each and every day how to be present. I do not want to lose the here and now ever again! It’s a beautiful place to be!