Spending all my free time in Stars Hollow won’t you join me?

I have a real love for the The Gilmore Girls and for any of you that are familiar with the show than you know exactly why I could be so in Love with a television show. Its set in a fictional quaint New England town Stars Hollow, Connecticut. A cast of quirky characters a fantastic story line and the change seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall thee exact reason I love where I live. If you are from New England then you also know that towns like Stars Hollow exist to a certain degree. Where everyone knows everyone else and life is simple.


The main storyline follows Lorelia and Rory mother and daughter only 16 years of an age difference. So basically they have grown up together. Both have an addiction to coffee like some of you might relate to. Its fun and funny, exciting and beautiful, romantic and adorable and come on Sally Struthers! How awesome is it to see her in the roll of Babette?! I have a wild crush on Luke and his talent for making the best pancakes ever. I would love to know someone as nutty and kind as Kirk, actually I do! Watching Lane run this way and that way to keep her 16 year old secrets from her over protective very controlling mama. Well I’ve always loved it when a plan would go a liddle crazy!


It is all good the whole show. It’s a feel good experience from start to finish. You will soon feel like this incredible cast are friends of yours they are so welcoming and truly entertaining in my book. Its a fiction show but I find bits and pieces that truly relate to the life I live myself so I love that connection as well. The theme song by Carole King and Louise Goffin has become an old friend to me. The array of stars that pop up in this show is just surprising and so cool! I won’t spoil it for you by listing them here you’ll just have to watch and see for yourself!

So let’s do a pros and cons list Gilmore fans!

Pros to watching The Gilmore Girls

You will enjoy it

You will love the soundtrack to the show

You will love the scenery

You will want to decorate more for the holidays

You just might start writing pro and con lists for yourself

You will fall in love with at least one of the characters

You will be surprise at how the storyline takes its turns!

You will gain more of an understanding of why I live like its Christmas 365 days a year!

Cons to watching The Gilmore Girls

…………………nope not a one!

The show is available all 7 seasons on Netflix and incase you haven’t heard there is a Gilmore Girls Revival taking place on Netflix the end of November of this year! From what I have read about it all is that it answers questions and will leave us all feeling statisfied. I for one can not wait! I hope you enjoyed this read and I am hoping to see you all in Stars Hollow some time soon! Oy, with the poodles already! 🙂








You are only as good as your tools! Fact!

I’m a huge fan of instant gratification of course I am. It’s why I am in love with paint and all things that sparkle. They are beautiful right off the bat! But there is definitely something remarkable about drawing a piece of artwork and coloring it in with my favorites the  Prismacolor colored pencils (the blog that inspired me is here!) 

They are a soft core pencil and whether you like to press down to get a deep vibrant shade or go lightly I promise you these are the most wonderful pencils to use! Click the link above to get the full scoop from my blogging friend Juni. She has some excellent pictures and facts about the pencils along with some of her fantastic artwork I’m sure you will enjoy just as much as I have!

Here are some of my pieces I’ve just recently finished up with for the most. Trying to stay in a fairytale ish zone to again inspire the kids to want to draw and not shut down their attempts at being creative. I prefer drawings that have bits of imperfections. A crooked grin here and there or what have you. I love when my drawings have a childlike feel to them. My life is whimsical what can I say?! Any smudges will be removed in the copying process I have my ways. Now I will make prints of these for my nieces and nephews to frame for their rooms! Have I mentioned yet how much I just adore being thee Aunt Maureen?!!

Keep in mind these pencil sets come in all quantities and prices vary. I find they are very affordable considering the quality of the product. If you take your colored penciling seriously there is no other way to go. Just one redhead’s opinion and im right….ha!



Coloring pages!

I’m drawing some simple coloring pages for two small children that I love very much! They are sisters 7 and 4 years of age and how lucky am I to get to be their Aunt Maureen! The 7 year old believes I have inspired her to become an artist liddle does she know she already is one!

I’m keeping in mind while I draw these that I want to boost their creativity not shut it down. So I am trying to draw things that they themselves might want to try to draw or just plant the seed ya know? If they see that I am drawing coloring pages they might think ‘hey if Auntie Reenie is doing I’m gona too!’ And cross my heart nothing would make me happier! This is my first batch i need to go over with a black prismacolor pencil and then make copies!! Just got a new printer too! I’m very excited!!

Version 2IMG_3082IMG_3085 (1)IMG_3085IMG_3087IMG_3090 (1)Version 2IMG_3091



Good Morning Sunshine!



If you are like me than you know what I mean when I say I have a great appreciation for my surroundings. Not that life is a fairytale goodness knows that is not true. I would love to travel the world and who knows maybe I will but for now I’m very satisfied taking pictures of my sweet and simple days right here at home.

I have an awesome creative space and a darling porch. A nice big green grassy yard. Well big in weener dog standards so yes it suits me just fine. My flower gardens have flourished in this their new home. We are close to all kinds of stores and anything you could need. I like that. But also as soon as I pull in my drive its like I’ve entered another world. The birds chirp all day long. There are a couple of mourning doves that coo not just early morning or at dusk but all day long! It’s like a dream!

Again there are a list of negatives I refuse to list or pay much attention to at all. The positives outweigh them thankfully. I do not see the glass as half empty or half full I see that I have a glass. To me that means possibilities and hope. And what is bettah than that?!

I wonder if asked would any of  you tell me what is it you are thankful for today? Your truest true now no holding back! 

What is your favorite thing about you?!

The very second I wake up and yes I do this each and every day I smile even before my eyes are open. I feel like I’m setting the stage for what kind of day I am going to have. I am really just so thankful, so grateful, so glad that I woke up. Simple as that! Anything after that is gravy!

Now please understand I have a list of things I could complain about like Ive said before my life is not perfect. I just choose not to. It’s a very easy decision for me to make honestly. Anything in the negative is bad for my health so I will find a positive where most people would see none. Its my favorite thing about me.


What is your favorite thing about yourself?

The sky after a summer storm

When a summer storm rolls in it stirs an excitement in me that I have no explanation for. An eerie giddy excitement. The turquoise sky goes from bright to gray in a few quick minutes. The pouring rain beats the pavement and washes the day. And just as fast as the rains came then they were gone again. Storms….I love them!


I aspire, I inspire, I love, I am loved!

How lovely this blogging world has been to me! In the last few weeks I’ve made some really cool connections here and I’m truly glad of it! aaahhhh big sigh….a place where I can just be. I can post fun or cute stuff, I can write when the mood strikes me or I can read when that mood strikes me its all good!

A few days ago I was nominated for the Liebster award (my auto correct just tried to turn that into lobster award hehee yuk!) anyhow I was so flattered with the content of the message sent by my nominator hahaa is that a word? yes lets go with yes…her name is Kindra M. Austin and truly her blog is one you will love to follow! This woman’s writing and the way she has about her has kept my attention and trust me that is sayin something!

Her name got my attention as it is we are both Austins but it is her style of writing her style of just being exactly who she is right out loud with no apologies and no excuses she is who she is and I love that about a person! So I take this as a real compliment Kindra ❤ and I thank you truly! So here are my 11 questions asked and answered for any of you that are interested have at it! XO!


  1. What place in the world do you most want to visit before you die, and why? Cornwall England Im simply in awe of all of England’s beauty and history but Land’s End omg can you imagine the alone time out there?! what a dream come true! and thee ocean! holycrap I would cry of happiness every day!
  2.  If you had a time machine, what would you do with it/where would you go? Not to sound corny but truly I’d stay right here right now its my favorite place to be! I would prob destroy the machine no one should have that power or fuck with the universe if you ask me  🙂
  3. What fictional character, if you had the chance to meet him/her, would you want to junk punch? And would you actually punch him/her in the junk? Ha! that is so funny you would ask this its like you really know me! It would have to be Miss Minchin headmistress in the movie ‘A little Princess’ what a rotten bitch! and yes I would! twice! hahaha!
  4. Have you ever read a book that is considered a classic, and found it to be absolute shit? If so, which one(s)? I would love the chance to read a classic even if it was shit! I’m trying now to fit reading into my days its hard for me to walk away from my artwork I have a real problem, im addicted! what shit book would you recommend?
  5. If you had the opportunity to co-author a work of fiction with any one of your favorite authors, who would you choose? ok truly I choose you! That would be one hell of a good read!
  6. Describe a moment, or moments in your life that was/is for you, the meaning of beauty. The day I had my daughter Felicia Rose…instantly things became much clearer.
  7. If you could interview any writer, living or dead, who would you interview? Jane Austen
  8. What is one book, fiction or non-fiction that caused your soul to weep? The one I’ve yet to write. 🙂
  9. What is the main goal you wish to meet in regards to your writing? To get to the place in myself where I just get it all out of me. Ive a feeling I will then be able to breathe.
  10. With what animal do you feel you have the most in common? Why? I think a bird. I can make a good home anywhere and flying away from one to find another has never frightened me.
  11. If you had the power to solve one world issue with a single sentence, what you would you say? I would use my love to cure cancer. (certainly a real issue in my world)

Each day holds a story to be told


This is my second encounter with a big beautiful butterfly in the last week!  I think this big beauty is a swallowtail. It’s the largest one I’ve ever seen! She spun circles around me the other day as I stand just next to the patch of purple coneflower coming so close I thought she might land on me! Thankfully I do not step out the door these days without my camera in hand. She had no problem with me being so near to her as she made her way to each flower before fluttering off in a happie dance above the roof and out of sight.

Below is the link to my blog including pics of the Great Spangled fritillary orange and black butterfly that visited these same coneflowers last week! I know one thing, Im planting more coneflowers! XO!

Version 2


Version 2

IMG_2744 (1)


Click here to see my first sighting of The Great Spangled fritillary! 

Please share the link to your blog here!

There are quite a few of you bloggers I truly look up to. Being here only a couple of weeks I already have found so much help with my blogging and touching base on my health issues, so many kind words, lovely compliments on my artwork, beautiful poets as well as some outstanding writers and some of the coolest photos I’ve ever seen! So for all of this I thank you! Each and every one of you have added to my mission. That being one to raise my vibration. To create my own frequency and keep in line with the Universe.

You people propel me in a direction of creativity and testing the waters of the unknown to me and I love that! I’ve been inspired by a fellow blogger to try to grow some connections here for you all. Roberta Pimentel thank you!! So please share the link to your own blog here in the comments and let all of my other favorite bloggers have the chance to see in you what I see!


Please click here to check out Roberta’s blog you will be glad you did! XO!




From the start I knew she was mine!

Today in order to create Joy for myself I spent all of my time with my arts on myself! Making this adorable, sweet, beautiful piece and knowing all the while it was meant just for me well I was pleased to say the least. Then when I had finished to have her looking up at me I was just tickled pink! XO!