Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day?

My wonderful addiction of creating all things beautiful keeps my heart so full and my days really quite good!! Please if you find interest in any of my works you can visit my Etsy shop Sparkle blossom goods or leave me a comment here with your contact info!



A day in the life…

She with a smile on her face, a heart full of joy and happiness leans over just as the floor beneath her gives way. She finds herself with no sure footing that causes her to lose her balance. Something that is not a usual but on this day seemed befitting. The noise of the insulation and fragments of wood only have a split second to worry her before she comes to a dead stop as all of the air in her lungs is pushed instantly out of her in the sound of a loud gasp. She would certainly have fallen to her knees if not for her landing ribcage first against the floor joist. Cuts, bruises, aches, and pains all old friends of hers. You know the type you do not like to see them come but once they pass you are truly appreciative to have experienced them.

Our last note…sung on high

If I let go of your hand it is with good reason

It is time for you to take steps on up ahead without me

My path splits off and runs deep into another man’s heart

Our palms slipping just as they have once or twice before

This time sure to be our last

And on such a beautiful note

Just as every love song ends so have we



Dream walker

step without a care from cloud to cloud

talk to the moon

he keeps all my best secrets secret

shadows from love’s burnt bridges loom

I play like a wayward child in the dark corners

nothing here can frighten me

I have lived and die more times than there are days

more times than night has fallen

more times
more times
more times

push open the heavy dungeon doors
just a girl with the endurance of a warrior

because that is just what I am.


Invitation to love

reach me

before I set my heart down

walk in a direction

where you are not able to follow

pick me up off my feet

land us both down

on light airy pillows

of love and forgiveness

hold out your hand

give me reason

to take hold of you

invite me in

before your chance passes

and I am left off to love another.


Careful of what you wish for

the animal inside

once it shows its need

guides me to that place

I can hear its teeth clinched

and against my neck, I feel its breath

grabbing pulling tugging at me

hands now under my shirt

forcefully then gently

desperate to feel me

have me even

I surrender immediately to you

and spend days recovering

from a passion

that brings me to a place

of both heaven and hell

a girl can dream

as my eyes fight me

to stay focused on the page

I can’t help but wonder

if I will even miss him at all

I’m holding out for magic

not just a relationship

I want fireworks and passion

kisses that bring me to tears

love making so beautiful

that if the end of the world upon us

neither of us would pay it any mind

life support

there is a difference between

inspiration and a muse

to feel inspired is a wave that rushes over you

the simplest of things can set in motion

your muse however once found

sets off a ripple effect

pulses light into your veins

becomes your blood supply

is now your oxygen

without it bits of you fade

and can die a lonely, muted death

leaves you hungering for more

continue to inspire and be inspired

but for your own good

never let go of your muse

he is your life’s support system

the hand that feeds you

sustains your balance

keeps you sane

while driving you out of your mind



My drug of choice

from thought to page my will lost

congested thinking caused by a weight too great for me to bear

it’s looks deceived me and brought my knees to buckle under the pressure

I reach grasping grabbing begging pleading for a crutch

the warm liquid hits my tongue and is unpleasant yet I welcome it

heats my throat and I can not seem to swallow fast enough

only to tip the glass and suffer the consequence

as my heart suffers the slow leak and you you’re sound asleep

by mornings early light I will be cast afloat on my beloved ocean

my pen sure to bleed once more

Let free my Madness (audio post)

set down my pen and pick up a book

close my eyes and open my mind

wear my heart on my sleeve

where it can be seen not touched

unless a man earns it

Shut off the noise and sing myself to sleep

Lay out a path made from the stars

and you and I can skip across the barren loveless land

only to dive deep head first into the ocean

sink us both down until the darkness becomes our light

I am fearless

my madness offers me such freedom

From Dust to Dust

interstellar dust

planetary nebula

as I shed layers like the sun shall one day be so lucky

the death of a star, not

the birth of a universe


my own safe haven

I jump from dark skies to the light of existence

between these two worlds I make my way

in search of who I began this life as

with hope I shall finish as the very same

a beautiful, strong and innocent soul

ready for what is next to come.