Careful of what you wish for

the animal inside

once it shows its need

guides me to that place

I can hear its teeth clinched

and against my neck, I feel its breath

grabbing pulling tugging at me

hands now under my shirt

forcefully then gently

desperate to feel me

have me even

I surrender immediately to you

and spend days recovering

from a passion

that brings me to a place

of both heaven and hell

a girl can dream

as my eyes fight me

to stay focused on the page

I can’t help but wonder

if I will even miss him at all

I’m holding out for magic

not just a relationship

I want fireworks and passion

kisses that bring me to tears

love making so beautiful

that if the end of the world upon us

neither of us would pay it any mind

life support

there is a difference between

inspiration and a muse

to feel inspired is a wave that rushes over you

the simplest of things can set in motion

your muse however once found

sets off a ripple effect

pulses light into your veins

becomes your blood supply

is now your oxygen

without it bits of you fade

and can die a lonely, muted death

leaves you hungering for more

continue to inspire and be inspired

but for your own good

never let go of your muse

he is your life’s support system

the hand that feeds you

sustains your balance

keeps you sane

while driving you out of your mind



My drug of choice

from thought to page my will lost

congested thinking caused by a weight too great for me to bear

it’s looks deceived me and brought my knees to buckle under the pressure

I reach grasping grabbing begging pleading for a crutch

the warm liquid hits my tongue and is unpleasant yet I welcome it

heats my throat and I can not seem to swallow fast enough

only to tip the glass and suffer the consequence

as my heart suffers the slow leak and you you’re sound asleep

by mornings early light I will be cast afloat on my beloved ocean

my pen sure to bleed once more

Let free my Madness (audio post)

set down my pen and pick up a book

close my eyes and open my mind

wear my heart on my sleeve

where it can be seen not touched

unless a man earns it

Shut off the noise and sing myself to sleep

Lay out a path made from the stars

and you and I can skip across the barren loveless land

only to dive deep head first into the ocean

sink us both down until the darkness becomes our light

I am fearless

my madness offers me such freedom

From Dust to Dust

interstellar dust

planetary nebula

as I shed layers like the sun shall one day be so lucky

the death of a star, not

the birth of a universe


my own safe haven

I jump from dark skies to the light of existence

between these two worlds I make my way

in search of who I began this life as

with hope I shall finish as the very same

a beautiful, strong and innocent soul

ready for what is next to come.

Beautifully exposed


I grew up thinking thoughts that I must be thee ugliest girl that had ever lived.

Sickness took my mother and left me in a house less than a home

Rooms full up with brothers, their broken emotions, and cruel insults

A father so distant and heartbroken that even when near not a kind word to speak

A broken home made a wonderful breeding ground for all of my insecurities to flourish

and that they did…they grew while I slept and stole my childish dreams

Fed off of my daily taunting from schoolmates

that thought as if somehow losing my mother to her death was my fault

and it would make a good joke of things

Lack of love and support left me fending for myself emotionally

The older I grew the more attention men paid me

I thought it was love, was I to know how it differed?

Life had its way with me for many years until the day it no longer did

Now I look in the mirror and see what I never could all those years ago

Beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder

How is it you see yourself?

Go take a look let me know if you can see your beauty

Because in my eyes you shine like the sun on a perfect summer day

You are Beautiful

You are love

You are life

Know your worth inside and out

You, after all, are the only person that can teach this lesson






Sometimes I am a Clock

You all know my love of music and poetry I’m guessing, yes? If you love when a song is able to feed every need in you please do yourself a favor and listen to this one! Magic pure and simple!

Story Of The Footloose

This song was born out of a feeling of a tinge of sadness diffused in a fading autumn evening seeping in through a window that overlooked a small meadow. Later a friend and I recorded it in a completely different place. This wintry version has been produced by him.

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Catch me I think I’m falling…

set aside thoughts of things that need tending

the chores of the day done and the ones to follow

let myself fall down into the rabbit hole

no matter the bumps and bruises along the way

they will heal the minute he catches me

and he will catch me.

Our story is a truth known by ancient warriors

that stood the test of time

and shine their light across our dark skies

I’ve come to the chapter where he has fallen asleep inside of me

when rest has never been more deserved or more exhilarating

quite possible that my dreams are becoming my life

or will my life simply surpass my dreaming?

we are the stars of this show

we leaned against a strangers car

on a crowded  city street

wrapped around each other like our lives depended on it

who really knows, maybe they did

smiles warm, gentle and forgiving

forgiving us the time spent so far apart

making up for the touch that had waited so long to live

a true kinship ignites in the heat of our holding on

as deep as a friendship might bind two that come from the same

written in the stars you and I

what a fantastic tale they do so love to tell

the bond of a true friendship can take you places you could not even imagine…or could you?