Alien skies

dashes color across the misty morning

black spaces leaving trails to a world unknown

I can hear someones footsteps echo

along the walls of my heart

alien skies beam a stream of light into my eyes

I’m blinded by life

by love

and by the thought of yet another


my fantasy…she talks

trace the curves of my heart with yours

draw us a picture perfect world

then let our newness set it on fire

burn up the sky with me and never let me go

quench in me what you yourself thirst after

I’m drowning in you

don’t try to save me

I will only pull you down under with me

a death you will love to live

my fantasy

he talks






A day in the life…

She with a smile on her face, a heart full of joy and happiness leans over just as the floor beneath her gives way. She finds herself with no sure footing that causes her to lose her balance. Something that is not a usual but on this day seemed befitting. The noise of the insulation and fragments of wood only have a split second to worry her before she comes to a dead stop as all of the air in her lungs is pushed instantly out of her in the sound of a loud gasp. She would certainly have fallen to her knees if not for her landing ribcage first against the floor joist. Cuts, bruises, aches, and pains all old friends of hers. You know the type you do not like to see them come but once they pass you are truly appreciative to have experienced them.

Our last note…sung on high

If I let go of your hand it is with good reason

It is time for you to take steps on up ahead without me

My path splits off and runs deep into another man’s heart

Our palms slipping just as they have once or twice before

This time sure to be our last

And on such a beautiful note

Just as every love song ends so have we