Evening Gold and Midnight Blue

Sharing this is absolutely necessary as it is how can I keep something so magical to myself?!! His writing, his way simply astounds me!

Story Of The Footloose


I am a shadow. Cast aside by the setting sun. It is a golden evening. I am the shadow in this golden evening. 
No one can pin me down to the world anymore. I have had enough of your forms and formations… your formulations and descriptions. I am a shadow, a changing one. I am never what you saw and I am never what you’ll see. I am a shadow that dances eternally. They all looked at the golden glow and cried. I was right behind. The mystery was mine. This however is not my story… whether this is a story at all, I don’t know yet. I don’t know what this is going to be. It is about the songster who loved me. I am the ephemeral moment where the night meets the evening… wait… do you hear it too? What does the songster sing?

She was looking at the setting sun, her bare shoulders awash with the golden glow. I…

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Giving birth

Poetry’s birth

the mother

the father,


and I.

When I allow

and give myself

the time to miss

my missing

returns me here

to this world

out of my world

Where your lines linger

and keep me afloat

It has all just now

come rushing back.

return me, please

to this place of all places

this happening

with such familiar faces

All woven

alongside the strings

of my heart







Suggestions anyone?

I am looking to build my own website and after asking google I have found myself now with too many options and am unsure of what to believe. My new site will be used to sell my artwork and jewelry and I would love some input if you have any suggestions!

thee ever intrusive clinging evil (audio post)


Like a vine in the garden of love

where bliss and nature meet sweetly

calmly with quiet excitement

he twists himself in that almost beautiful, frightening way

around your world of untouched harmonious luster

Once you notice the effects of suffocation

you are already over your head

and losing hope to ever break free…


But then…


you do.


The missing page in your scrapbook

leave it be gone.

The sun takes his place

and as for your bliss

you hold it all now in the palm of your little hand.


Deep breath

and begin.




Painters and creative types click here as well as all others! Have no fear I will hold your hand if needed!

So much happening I wouldn’t even know where to begin! Okay maybe I shall start with this!! A new art youtube channel to simply and as quickly as possible show you the new to me pour painting and I warn you it is addicting!! what I have in store you will not want to miss! I hope this post finds you all well and living life in joy as much as possible!

My blogging home oh how I have such love for it here!

The Dream of Gardening Begins in January

I am inspired!


Here in New England the days are still short and for the most part still very chilly. Although we have had a few warmer days the air may be warm but the ground is still very much still frozen and unworkable. Now if many of you are anything like me you are itching to get your hands in that soil and start the gardening season, don’t let that cold air discourage you! There are plenty of things that can still be done even in January , last week my husband and I sat down and drew a new garden plan for this year (surprise surprise we are expanding ). Gather your measurements of your current gardens or figure out the size of a space you would like to create a garden , this is extremely helpful in deciding how much of what plant you would like to grow. We are…

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